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Carpediem Capital is an Indian private equity fund manager focused on the India consumption opportunity through significant minority and control investments in emerging SME leaders. Often the only or largest institutional investor, Carpediem Capital provides much needed growth capital, and actively drives forth the transformation agenda to co-build companies. Know more

Abhishek Sharman

Founder & Managing Director

Abhishek Sharman is the founder and Managing Director of the Investment Manager. He has over two decades of experience in private equity investments in India. He is responsible for driving the overall strategy and investment decisions, while also spearheading fund-raising activities. He is deeply entrenched in the Indian financial services industry and has a track record of sourcing proprietary deals and concluding profitable exits.

He was previously Principal at India Equity Partners (“IEP”), an India-focused private equity fund with approximately USD 350 Mn in AUM. During his tenure at IEP, he worked across diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, managed services, consumer services, and financial services. Mr. Sharman has served on the boards of Quess Corp, IL&FS Education, Sagar Ratna Restaurants, RG Stone Hospitals and Axiss Dental and also played key role in IEP’s investments in Coldex and Manappuram. Prior to IEP, he was an investment professional with SUN Group, a private equity firm focused on emerging markets, primarily Russia and India, with USD 2 Bn in investments.

He serves on the board of the following Fund I’s portfolio companies, Gadgetwood eServices Private Limited (Yaantra), Collateral Medical Private Limited and Sindhuja Microcredit Private Limited (Sindhuja). He has received a management degree from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

Arvind Nair


Arvind Nair is the Chairman of the Investment Manager and has over four decades of operating and private equity experience across retail and consumer products companies. He provides guidance and mentoring to the investment team. Further, he is a key strategic advisor and mentor to the portfolio companies and their CEOs. Arvind Nair himself has been CEO of various well-regarded Indian consumer companies and has cultivated strong relationships while building an extensive network of industry partners.

He was previously the Managing Director of Domino’s Pizza India, where he re-invented the business model, and restructured the team to achieve a remarkable turnaround of the business. He was responsible for differentiating the Domino’s Pizza brand by introducing to India a 30-minute delivery guarantee. Prior to this role, he was the global CEO of Jumbo Electronics Dubai, where he managed 18 divisions across multiple locations. As the Managing Director of DLF Retail, he led efforts for mall development and management of 20 malls, and launched DLF Emporio, India’s leading luxury mall.

He serves on the board of the following Fund I’s portfolio companies, Nyssa Retail Private Limited (1-India Family Mart) and Thea Kitchen Private Limited (Biryani Blues). He has received a Management degree from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad.

Hithendra Ramachandran

Managing Director

Hithendra Ramachandran is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Investment Manager. He has over two decadesyears of operating and entrepreneurial experience and brings a deep knowledge in managed services. He is responsible for the operations and drives the transformation agenda and people strategy at the portfolio companies.

He has been a founding member of two of India’s largest HR services companies, Quess Corp, a publicly listed company and PeopleOne Consulting (now Adecco India).

As a key member of the founding team at Quess Corp, he was member of the board and was instrumental in driving management decisions that helped the company grow from inception to its current status as India’s largest HR services company. He was earlier part of the initial team of PeopleOne Consulting, which was sold to Adecco, the world’s largest HR services company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

He serves on the board of the following Carpediem Capital Fund I’s portfolio companies, Adinath Agro Processed Foods Private Limited (Adinath Agro), Nyssa Retail Private Limited (1-India Family Mart, Sukkhi Online Private Limited (Sukkhi) and Flipspaces Technology Labs Private Limited (Flipspaces). He is a post-graduate in management and has completed an executive program in management from IMD Lausanne.

Raymond Andrews

Co-founder & Director, Thea Kitchen

We have partnered with Carpediem Capital because the partners understand our industry, and have rich expertise in guiding our expansion strategy to build the country's premier Indian cuisine QSR format that is both scalable and sustainable. The team’s guidance has been critical in successfully streamlining our operations and substantially reducing food costs.

Rajesh Gandhi

Promoter Director, Adinath Agro

Carpediem Capital has been very supportive of our growth strategy, and their insights and experiences have benefited us as we embark on various sales and marketing initiatives required to accelerate growth, and create a differentiated regional consumer brand. The partners actively engage with us, and have been instrumental in identifying key talent for the company and introducing us to modern retail channels.

Jayant Jha

Co-founder & CEO, Gadgetwood eServices

Carpediem Capital is equally committed to shape the growth of Yaantra and make us India’s ‘Most Preferred & Trusted Electronics Service Provider’. The Carpediem team and its operating advisers are providing key strategic input on how to rapidly expand the scale and scope of our repair operations, and are helping us create a complimentary framework to partner with large electronic OEMS and e-sales channels for refurbished phones.